Client: MOO+VIX Industry: FASHION Year: 2021

The Challenge

Moo+vix, a new designer brand, needed to announce their arrival with a striking visual identity, to complement their unique garments for collectors and admirers of fashion. The challenge was to create a brand that would be flexible enough to fit with any garment they produce but is easily recognizable and memorable to their audience. They needed a logo that could resonate with clients and capture the mood of fashion and society. A brand that can capture the momentary inspiration that forms the creative inspiration to every garment.

Our Approach

We created a logo reminiscent of hand-stitched lines, signifying exceptional quality, detail, and workmanship. The linear logo was designed to be adaptable to the context that it is used. This concept embodied the energy and volatility of contemporary society, as well as the brand’s philosophy of flux, organic growth, and change. The logo design opened up opportunities is to connect with audiences through imaginative imagery, while still promoting the brand.
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The Results

Moo+vix was merely a vision – we made it real with a visual identity that communicates the right message. Since partnering with Ferox, Moo+vix has successfully established itself as a highly creative, uniquely South African fashion brand. Their brand can now be seen in boutique fashion stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“Not sure what you are smoking… but it worked. You hit this one on the nail. We do not even have anything to add or subtract. It is simply stunning and so well interpreted. Really looking forward to working with you! Thank you!!!!”

– Marinda Lakhnati, founder of Virgule.