YEAR: 2021

The Challenge

Modern consumers expect a seamless omnichannel retail experience, regardless of whether they are in-store or online. Fired Earth’s in-store display was fully operational, but the brand needed an impressive digital approach to satisfy the current consumer base. The challenge was to create a digital showroom for Fired Earth’s new wallpaper range that had an exceptional impact at first glance. It needed to be a creative and interactive space that would heighten the brand perception.

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Our Approach

We designed and developed an interactive micro-site with the idea of enabling the visualization of rooms decorated with wallpaper. We set out to produce high-quality imagery that would enhance accessibility. The development of an interactive, digital experience, would also bring the various Fired Earth designs to life. The idea was to display the products in relatable settings but, at the same time, create an aspirational touch that would increase desirability and amplify brand perception.

The Results

This digital showroom now provides the micro site visitors with a memorable brand experience at any time of day! Consumers across the country can visit the site at their leisure, access the entire collection, equip the digital space with the design of their choice, and purchase their preferred product.

Through powerful visual presentation and an interactive digital experience, consumers can immerse themselves in the stunning and transformative impact of Fired Earth wallpapers.

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