Year: 2020

The Challenge

Builders Warehouse’s goal is to provide homeowners, businesses, and contractors alike with the tools and tips to tackle their next project. The creation of their e-commerce site was a great new avenue for selling products, but it wasn’t enough to engage their audience and promote brand loyalty. The challenge was to develop a platform where the Builders brand could connect with customers through digital media and create long-term relationships.

Our Approach

We introduced a user-friendly, interactive blog as a platform for the brand to share their knowledge and passion for DIY, as well as a space for consumers to browse, learn, and be inspired. We consciously designed around the provided content and built the user experience and interface with those limitations in mind. The focus stated on the user and adding value to people’s lives by enabling them. Searchability within the wide range of projects ensured that site visitors would find content that would suit their needs and engage with the content that they find most interesting.

The results

The strategy to create the Builders Warehouse blog has been highly effective and through considered user experience design, we provided Builders with noticeable results.

Since its inception, the blog has seen over 1 million unique visitors and over 6 million visits – reaching over 11,000 new visitors per week!

We have created an interactive consumer-brand space that encourages long-term relationships and, as we revealed above, results in extended browsing through an attractive interface. Ferox Creative provided Builders with the tools needed to improve brand experience and regain market share.